Disintegration of the USSR in the nineties and creation of the Union of Independent States (UIS) led to the dissociation of the antenna community existed earlier within the frames of the USSR. As a result, two new problems occurred. On one side, it was necessary to directly unite antenna specialists of Ukraine and to elucidate the potentialities of this new community. On the other side, it was necessary to restore the broken scientific bonds between different regions of the former USSR.

A major contribution to the solution of the two problems belongs to outstanding scientist in the field of antennas, father of statistical antenna theory Professor Yakov Shifrin (1920-2019).

In 1993, he founded the National Antenna Association (NAA). NAA organized one-day and three-day Ukrainian seminars on urgent topics of antenna theory and techniques aiming to elucidate the potential of the Ukrainian science.  Altogether at the period from 1993 to 1996, seven seminars were held, which were attended by key Ukrainian specialists in the field of applied electromagnetics from over 60 organizations being NAA members (high schools, research institutes, enterprises) from 16 regions of Ukraine.

Success of the seminars encouraged Professor Shifrin to organize International Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques (ICATT) to be held in Ukraine.